Connecting via SSH

Obtrix provides a shell account for each user on their server. A shell account is a user account with a command line interface that can be accessed over SSH. Controlling clients, manipulating files, transcoding music, creating torrents, and tunneling traffic are just some things that shell access lets you do.
Linux or Mac OS X
Open a terminal
Enter ssh <yourusername>@<servername>
Enter your password when prompted

Since Windows does not come with a SSH client, you will need to download and install KiTTY.
Start KiTTY and enter <servername> in the Host Name field.
Make sure SSH is selected as the connection type
In the menu on the left, go to Connection->Data.
Enter your Server username (use all lowercase letters) and slot password in the Auto-login username and Auto-login password fields.
Return to Session from the menu on the left.
Under Saved Sessions enter <Servername> and click Save
Double-click the name in the list. If all went correctly you should now see <username>@<servername>~ $
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