Connecting via FTP/sFTP

In this guide you will learn how to connect to your seedbox using the SFTP protocol.

FileZilla Guide:
FileZilla is a Free and Open Source program that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Download FileZilla here.

The easiest way to connect to your server is to enter your information into FileZilla via the
text fields near the top, like so:

Host: s (XXXX is your server)
User: Your Username
Password: Your Password
Port: 22

Then click "Quick Connect" or press enter.

You should have a pop up warning you about an Unknown host key. Tick the box that says "Always trust this host,..." then click OK.

You should now be connected to your seedbox. On the right are your files on the seedbox, on the left are the files on your computer.

To download your torrents, navigate to where you want to save them on your computer (left side). Then navigate to the torrents/downloading folder on the seedbox (right side). Right click the files you want to download and choose download.
The files you choose should now be downloading, you can see them on the bottom panel.

To reconnect at a later time, you can click the dropdown next to the Quick Connect button and choose your seedbox.

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