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Section 1: Introdution To ruTorrent
Section 2:
ruTorrent Menu
2.1 - Add Torrent
2.2 - Create Torrent
2.3 - Delete Torrent
2.4 - Start Torrent
2.2 - Create Torrent
2.2 - Create Torrent

Introduction To ruTorrent

ruTorrent Menu Pane

A - Add Torrent
B - Create Torrent
C - Delete Torrent
D - Start Torrent
E - Pause Torrent
F - Stop Torrent
G - Manage RSS Rules
F - Add RSS Feed
I - Settings
J - Pause Web Interface
K - Refresh Web Interface
L - Help
M - Search Area

A - Add Torrent
This interface allows you to add torrent files to your seedbox.

Directory - Allows you to choose the path where your torrent's files will be saved it.
Don't add torrent's name to path - Tick this if you don't want ruTorrent to create a folder for the files named after the torrent.
Don't start the download automatically - Tick this to add the torrent in a paused state.
Fast Resume - Tick this if you already have the files and want to seed without hash checking.
Torrent file - Click 'Browse...' to choose a file from your computer to upload. Once choosen click 'Add File'.
Torrent URL - Type or Paste in a URL to a torrent file. Often times it will not work with certain sites, especially private trackers.

B - Create Torrent
This interface allows you to create a torrent with files on the server.

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