Setting up a SSH tunnel (Proxy)


Creating The Tunnel

Linux/Mac Using Terminal
Windows Using Putty

Configuring the browsers

Chrome(Windows)/Internet Explorer.


Linux/Mac Using Terminal>

1. Open the terminal for your system (under Accessories in Ubuntu).
2. Type: ssh -D 3128 [email protected]

Replace USERNAME with your username, and SERVER with your server. See the imagine below for example.
NOTE: In the example we are using 3128 as our port, remember this for later.
3. Enter your password when prompted, the tunnel is now open.

NOTE: You may be asked if you want to continue connecting, type "yes" and press enter.

Jump to: Configuring Proxy on Firefox, Chrome(Linux), Chrome(Windows)/Internet Explorer.

Windows Using Putty
1. Download Putty -
2. In the Host Name text box, enter

For example:

3. Expand the SSH tree under the Connection tree and click Tunnels.
4. In the Source port text box, enter 3128 (the port we used earlier). Click the "Dynamic" radio button, then click add.

5. Lets save these settings now, click Session at the top of the list on the left, in the Saved Sessions text box enter a name then click save. Next time when setting up the tunnel you can just double click the session name you just created.

Jump to: Configuring Proxy on Firefox, Chrome(Linux), Chrome(Windows)/Internet Explorer.

Configuring Proxy on Firefox
1. Open the advanced settings tab.
Linux: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced Tab
Windows: Tools -> Options -> Advanced Tab
2. Click the Network Tab then click Settings.
3. Click the "Manual proxy configuration:" radio button. Make sure the other proxy types are empty and under SOCKS Host: enter "localhost", and 3128 (port we choose earlier) for the port.
4. Click Ok, then click Ok again. You are now tunneling through your seedbox.

Configuring Proxy on Chrome(Linux)
1. Click the Wrench icon in the top right -> Properties.
2. Click the "Under the Hood" tab -> Change Proxy Settings.
3. Click the "Manual proxy configuration" radio button, make sure the other proxy types are blank. In the "Socks host:" text field, enter in "localhost", and 3128 (the port we choose above) as the port.
4. Click Close, you are now tunneling through your seedbox server.

Configuring Proxy on Chrome(Windows)/Internet Explorer
1. Open Internet Options.
XP: Control Panel -> Internet Options
Vista/7: Type "Internet Options" in the start menu and press enter.
2. Click the Connections tab -> Click LAN Settings.
3. Check "Use a proxy server..." then click advanced.
4. Be sure the other proxy types are empty, under "Socks:" enter "localhost" and 3128 (the port we chose above) as the port.
5. Click Ok -> Ok -> Ok.

As always, if you need any help or face issues please open a support ticket.

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