Creating Torrents in ruTorrent

To begin, click the Create icon.

This will open the Create New Torrent menu. Click the "..." browse icon to choose the files or folder that you want to make a torrent of.

Next, fill in the tracker. These are often site dependant so you will have to find the proper announce URL for your site.
For private trackers they will often contain information specific to your account.
Including a comment is optional.
Changing the piece size if optional too, for larger torrents you may want to increase the size.
The Seed Torrent tick box allows you to seed the torrent immediatly after creating it.
The Private Torrent tick box should always be used for private trackers.

After clicking Create, ruTorrent will begin the process and output the progress and any errors. After the process is complete you can click Save to download the torrent to use for uploading to the site. Once you're done you can close the Create New Torrent window.

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