First time seedbox user guide - The basics

How to log in to ruTorrent
In the "SeedStorm Seedbox Created" email you should have received, you will have a URL to your ruTorrent, and your username/password.
The URL should look something like this:
Open that URL in your browser and you will be greeted with an Authentication Prompt, enter your username and password.

How to add torrents
Now that you have access to ruTorrent, you'll need to add some torrents.
Start by clicking the top left icon.

This will open up the following prompt:

There are two ways to upload torrents, you can click "Browse...", then choose the .torrent file and click Add File. This is the most common method and usually the one you'll use for private sites.
The other method available through this menu is to upload via URL. You can enter in a direct link to a .torrent file and ruTorrent will fetch it. (This will not work for private sites where you need to login to download files)

How To Delete Torrents
When deleteing torrents you want to be sure to delete the data too, or else you will run out of space over time.
To delete a torrent and the files, right click the torrent (you can hold CTRL to choose more then one) and choose Remove -> Delete Files.

If you wish to know more about ruTorrent or your SeedStorm Seedbox, please see our other guides!

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