How to use RSS feeds in ruTorrent

This guide will cover how to manually download torrents from RSS feeds, and how to set up ruTorrent to automatically download torrents.

To begin you will need to add an RSS feed to ruTorrent. These feeds vary by site, so you will have to discover them yourself. The feed will have to have direct download links, and ideally won't require cookies.
We may be able to help with some popular trackers, so don't hesitate to ask us first.

Once you have found such a feed, click the RSS Downloader icon.

An "Add RSS Feed" window will pop up, enter in the RSS feed in the first field, then give it a name in the second. Click OK.

After a few seconds your feed should appear in the RSS Feeds list on the left.

Loading Manually
To add torrents from the feed manually, right click the torrent and click load.

Automated Loading
Click the RSS Downloader icon again, this time you'll get the RSS manager filter menu.
Click Add and give your filter a name, now you need to customize the filter.

1. Filter - This field is where you will enter Regular Expressions to filter the torrents. Some examples can be found at the end of this guide.
2. Exclude - Use this field to exclude torrents with Regular Expressions.
3. Where to Check - These boxes tell ruTorrent where to try and match these filters at. Title Field usually is all you need, but sites differ.
4. RSS Feeds - Choose which feed you want this rule to apply to.
5. Torrent Settings - These are the same fields you see when adding a new torrent, up to you if you want to change them.
6. Match Interval - Choose how many times ruTorrent should match this filter. Default it Always, so it will always try and match this filter.
7. Torrent Info - Use these if you want to set custom labels/ratio groups/channels for the torrents the RSS Manager adds.
8. Rules List - This is where your list of rules are. You can enable/disable them by clicking the tick box.

Click OK once you are finished with the rule. ruTorrent will now run that filter against the RSS Feed each time it updates.

Regular Expression (RegEx)
Regular Expressions can be very complicated, there are many guides and useful tools on the internet for regex so we are only going to give a few examples and try to explain them.

Example 1:
Explanation: First off, RegEx is encased in two slashes "/RegEx/", and "i" at the end means case-insensitive. Inside these slashes is the actual RegEx, in this example we are trying to match lines that starts with ("^" up arrow means "Starts with") Planet.Earth (We have to escape "\" the period since it is a special character), then had any characters (".+" means "matches any characters any number of times") then 1080p followed by any character then x264 followed by any character.
So this would match "Planet.Earth.E06.Ice.Worlds.1080p.BD5.x264-MARiNES".
But it wouldn't match "Final.Days.Of.Planet.Earth.2006.1080p.Bluray.x264-hV" because it doesn't start with Planet.Earth.
Nor would it match "Planet.Earth.E04.FRENCH.720p.BluRay.x264-FHD" because it isn't 1080p.

Example 2:
Explanation: This time we are looking for a line starting with "House.S" with the season numbers matching anything from 4 to 6. So S04, S05, S06, S07. Then ".E0" with the episode matching any one of those numbers, so E01, E02, E04, E06, E08. Followed by ".720p.HDTV.x264-" with any "word characters" until the end ("$" means end of line).
This would match: House.S07E08.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION
But not: House.S07E08.HDTV.XviD-LOL because it doesn't have 720p or x264.

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