Connecting Via Transdroid

Connecting Via Transdroid

Transdroid is an android program that allows you to manage your torrents. If you don't have it already download it from here on your android phone.

1. In the settings menu, choose "Add new server".

2. Fill in the settings like below;
Name: (You choice)
Server Type: rTorrent
IP or domain name: (Replace SERVER with your server)
Port: 443
Use authentication: [Checked]
Username: USERNAME (Use your username)
Password: PASSWORD (Use your password)
SCGI folder: /rutorrent/RPC2.USERNAME (Use your username)

Server OS: Linux

SSL: [Checked]

3. After entering all the information, you can back out of the menu and choose the new server you just created.

With transdroid you can now monitor your torrents from anywhere, and even upload new torrents to your seedbox.

If you have any issues connecting to your seedbox via Transdriod, please open a ticket.

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